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What is Beepxtra?
Beepxtra is a combination of many existing great concepts but merged together into a powerful Global wave. Before we begin with the detail it is important not to lose the two key ingredients; Beepxtra is free to join and incredibly viral. The speed of growth will astound people around The World.

The first and most easily identifiable concept is the CLOUD BASED discount & loyalty system, with a few distinct differences. Whereas we are all familiar with shopping points and loyalty systems, The Beepxtra system gives clients instantly spendable CASHBACKs loaded onto THEIR cards. Beepxtra is at the forefront of technology around The World and has a full time team of technical programmers who are all at the very height of their profession.

Clients can go for a haircut into a Beepxtra shop, pay full price but they have cash back discount loaded on their card. They can then go into any other Beepxtra shop or business around The World, in person or online, and use the cash on their account to come off the price of their next purchase.

Beepxtra is free to join for individuals and free to join for shops and businesses. The cards are free, each new business is allocated cards to get them started and they are replenished as
necessary. The only cost to a business is A ONE OFF INTEGRATION FEE from one of three options we provide. This is at a cost of only a few dollars.

If the shop or business has a smart phone or in store PC they can have the retail version of our EPOS integrated straight to their business without the need for the tablet terminal. This cost is even less and covers integration to the system. Everything else is free.

The Beepxtra system is available globally. The viral invitation techniques are available in many languages and the Beepxtra website is instantly convertible to most
spoken languages. Beepxtra merges the two Worlds of Online & Offline.
We RECOGNIZE that some businesses needs a website more than others. Eg. A local butcher has much less need for a website compared to a mobile phone supplier, hotel or restaurant. Beepxtra gives a global presence to the local butcher and they don’t need a website with this system. Beepxtra places them online for free and ensures clients looking for meat and produce find them.

A client from another country could be visiting the butchers town and can use their smart phone to find where is the nearest Beepxtra butcher is. The Beepxtra system not only finds the butcher but it converts to a global mapping system and offers to take the client to the butchers door!

So, when we say we bring the customers to your door we can literally do that.

Now, and possibly for the first time, competing businesses can recommend each other. A chinese restaurant who gives the Beepxtra card to their client now receives income when the same client visits any other Beepxtra restaurant in The World, even their traditional competitor across the street.

Beepxtra has attracted corporate clients with large databases such as football clubs and these clients are now looking for Beepxtra businesses to spend in.

A targeted product search facility means that businesses working with Beepxtra will be found by the clients who are looking for exactly what the business offers.

Beepxtra advertising is free. All we ask shops and businesses to do is give a discount cash back into the system that works for their individual business. In other words a discount they can afford.

A huge point is this; businesses giving the Beepxtra card to their clients will now earn an income from their clients spending anywhere in The World where they spend in a Beepxtra store. It is a possibility that some businesses will earn more from the outside activity of their business than internally.

Shops and businesses can now reduce the amount of cash flow they allocate to advertising as this is free with Beepxtra. Some of the savings on cash flow can be allocated to the cash back discount system, and good stewardship can increase a business’s bottom line on this one factor alone.

Another advantage for the shop keeper or business is that working with Beepxtra is a positive cash flow.

This is unlike many forms of advertising where the cost is up front without any guarantee of how much revenue the advertising will bring in. With Beepxtra if there is no sale there is no discount. So the only time discounts are applied is when we prove that Beepxtra works. Eg. A sale is made. Beepxtra uses technology to the full with a more than sensible dose of practical common sense.

The Beepxtra system knows where the client is and can use GEOLOCATION and PROXIMITY TECHNOLOGIES to connect the customer with the shop or business.

Where Everyones a Winner. A new start up business with very limited cash flow can, (like all other business with Beepxtra), receive free advertising with obvious benefits.

Beepxtra’s local agents operating globally can always be on hand to ensure that the local feel is constantly upheld. As the Beepxtra agent is paid directly on the success of shops and businesses they introduce it is in their interests to directly support that business, further increasing the chances of a successful relationship.

Beepxtra has an incredibly viral introduction system for individuals and business, and global growth is possible in days for both. Both individuals and business’s benefit in exactly the same way from the viral sales growth.

Properly built and supported in the early stages, Beepxtra can become a very significant passive income for any agent around The World and focused burst of energy can yield fabulous results.

Beepxtra is an economy within a global economy, it can regenerate regions of business that were previously slowing down; it focuses on the movement of money and the encouragement of increased velocity of movement of money.

Beepxtra is a fantastic combination of concepts that have historically already been proven to work and the company is dedicated to increasing wealth of people and businesses globally, for free… Today!

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