Financial freedom has never been so easy or heavily incentivised. Karatbars quoted as the “Best Pay Plan Ever”.

Firstly we have to dispel a few myths about the KaratBars affiliate marketing system.

KaratBars is not a Pyramid or Ponzi scheme, it is a legitimate e-commerce company that has had the foresight to create and distribute fractionalised gold to the masses! Everyone, and everywhere is your market. Everyone knows what gold is and more and more people are finding out what fiat currency or paper money is and why paper money is becoming more and more worthless, by the day.

Imagine an ingenius private system of saving gold and getting paid to save gold and earnings at the same time. Is the golden age truly upon us? No, but the world is about to go back to a gold-back standard and out of the Dollar. Karatbars has foreseen this new era approaching and here is how to become an affiliate.

Step 1. ‘Registration’

Step 2. ”Become An Affiliate’

Step 3. Fill out form – your user Id number & password (you want to use) and confirm your email address

Step 4. Complete your KYC documents (ID) – Scan your passport and a recent utility bill to verify your identity. This is common practice in any investment, bank accounts or tradings you may have with a broker and the same applies to Karatbars registration.

Step. 4 Buy a package to unlock your earnings potential. There are several affordable packages based on Bronze, Silver, Gold, VIP and VIP Exclusive. Depending on your affordable initial outlay price to unlock your earnings potential. If you can only afford a smaller package initially, as you get paid to save gold you can upgrade to higher packages with higher earnings potential.

                                    SIGN UP FOR YOUR FREE GOLD SAVINGS ACCOUNT

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