Please let me explain why Karatbars is the right choice, not for high roller investors but instead, for those seeking extra income and security for their family in the form of an affordable way to hedge physical 24k Gold in your hands.

For those who are looking for someone to employ them, why are you spending more time looking for someone else to give you work than you going  out and  hiring yourself for free?

Is it the need for job security?  well in this new economical climate there is no such thing in this financial security through corporations…

Why has the world been turned into a civilisation of needy people rather than productive self governing human beings?

Part of the reason was that many people went through the public education system just to end up working for currency under employers as opposed to  taking control of their life and have real money working  for them. Public education creates social cognitive dissonance when any idea or system of control is challenged by self governance or critical thinking. We must all become self responsible and self governing of our lives and finances.

It is not your fault you were not taught at school how to make money work for you.

Like 3/4 of the earths  population I too never figured out the secret to  have financial freedom until just a few months ago. I never understood  the most basic principal that paper and electronic currency is not real money and instead is actually “fiat” currency backed only by the confidence of those who choose to use it as a money substitute. I became quite upset and even bitter and mistrustful.

I, like you, was not taught in schools that governments create and trade bonds or IOUs back to the international bankers that created the unbacked paper money in the first place based on our ability to be kept in the dark to the greatest financial ponzi ever created called central banks.

I, like you, only learned recently that every deposit account in a bank is actually an unsecured loan to that bank giving the bankers the legal right to gamble your earnings on the  stock and derivatives markets. This legal fact can easily be found in UK Bankruptcy laws as well as US and Canadian law. If you are a depositor you are an unsecured creditor and subject to IMF haircut bail-in policies. (Governments can now seize bank accounts)

Once you learn this you cannot go back to blissful ignorance so how do you get ahead and keep afloat in a world where the currency supply is de-valuing due to the inflation as more currency is being printed under the madness of quantitative easing?

Under the current global leadership all wealth in the form of precious metals and Intellectual property is being funneled into the east from the west. when this transfer of wealth stops, then the western financial currency system will reset and western nations overnight will turn into third world countries. This is not a conspiracy theory but instead an economic transfer.

What have I learned that can help you also?

First thing  I learned was  that most people are addicted to debt and they actually by no fault of their own, fall into the financially illiteracy mindset that by working harder to get currency that they will get out of debt. This is a total fallacy as every dollar created has an interest higher than the principal so in lawful terms you cannot settle a debt with a debt, only discharge it to the future  (this is called acrual accounting)

Second thing I learned was how to leverage my time properly.  (see the video under the education tab about fair way to be paid)

Third thing I learned was  that Gold  is for Savings  Currency is for Transactions.


Let me introduce you to why I chose Karatbars as a way forward.

 Karatbars gives me the opportunity to open a free gold backed savings account whilst sharing the company vision and  earning a robust dividend as an affiliate. I am not an employee I am an independent contractor.

Name any other gold suppliers that actually allow you to earn commission from gold savings?



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Thank you for your time (I know it is a lot to read!) and have a great week

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