Who is Karatbars International

Who is Karatbars International?

www.karatbars.de / com / asia is the home page of the Karatbars group based in Germany, Belize and Thailand. All firms are bank-independent trading houses for merchandise and precious metals, especially Gold bullion in form of a card in small denominations. Due to our bank-independent activity we can offer our customers and partners a free selection of suitable products without the influence of outside corporate interests.

Karatbars International is an Internet trading company and its products are shipped worldwide to an expanding and impressive list of countries.

What does the product offer of Karatbars International / of Karatbars group?

The group Karatbars offers one of the most extraordinary range of products on the market. Karatbars International gold bars are characterized by high quality workmanship and quality.

“Atasay Sanayi Ve Ticaret AS Kuyumculuk” producer and supplier of our one-gram gold bars of the brand “ATAkulche”. This company has been listed on the London 07.05.2010 Bullion Assossiation Market (LBMA), which is a guarantee for production and supply stability.

An absolute highlight of our countries are gold cards. On these special cards you have glorious colors  showcasing the respective national flags. These gold bars fromKaratbars International are characterized by high quality workmanship and quality.

You also have the opportunity to acquire limited edition gold card collector pieces. We aim to offer several different editions with a variety of interesting subjects. Since we often need a license for these cards and the requirements are small to maintain uniqueness ad collectability, the price differs from the regular gold card.

These  Karatbars International gold bars are manufactured with the usual high quality of workmanship.

With which producers and suppliers Karatbars group is working together?

Our partner is v.a. “Atasay Sanayi Ve Ticaret AS Kuyumculuk”. This company is the producer and supplier of our one-gram gold bars of the brand “ATAkulche”.

The company is listed since 05/07/2010 LBMA, which guarantees production and supply stability. In this refinery, we have our own production line, so that we can be there regardless of our gold bullion produced by the daily operations of the refinery.

Can I get advice on my purchase decision?

Our team works globally around the clock. We also provide information and video presentations so you can learn in detail why you should invest in gold. The decision of whether and how much you invest in gold is, however, entirely up to you. To help you make an informed decision and help with analysis we offer, free of charge, subscription to our newsletters to provide timely updates on current market events.

Is Karatbars International a bank?

No. Karatbars International is an independent private Internet trading house for gold in small units. We work in over 60 countries around the world, offering not only the “normal” gold bullion cards but also country maps (countries with Logo) and Limited Collector’s Gold Card. Through direct contracts with producers we work without middlemen enabling us to pass on price benefits directly to you and offer reasonable prices and fair conditions.

Why Karatbars is often cheaper than a bank?

Karatbars is an independent Internet trading company and not a bank. As a direct supplier, we source the least expensive in the market and sell from our online store 24/7 for our global customers. The Internet allows us synergies and cost advantages that we pass on directly to you. This allows us to make our prices and terms for you as competitive as possible.

How Karatbars, ensures the security of my data during transmission over the Internet?

For the security of your information during transmission is ensured.

We guarantee secure data transmission by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL short) protocol. With SSL, your personal data information you enter on our Web site, encrypted, and can thus be read only by us.

The SSL encryption protocol has been established as the market standard for data over the Internet and is continuously being developed. Our privacy policy in full, see “Privacy” in the footer of our website.

How do I get into the closed area and what is being offered?

First of all, you must register for free. Then you will receive your username and password. The closed area can be accessed via the button “LOGIN” at the top right corner of the homepage.

Customers and business partners can reach via the LOGIN their personal trading platform with all the agreed upon functionalities.

Immediately after receipt of completed registration forms, you can log in immediately with Karatbars.

In a closed area you will find our offers and content for specific customer and purchasing groups.

I have more questions. Who can I contact? 

Under the “Support” button, you can immediately ask questions. All questions will be answered as quickly as possible from our qualified support team. If referred by one of our affiliates, alternatively, feel free to contact them for help.

What products does Karatbars offer for purchase?

Karatbars International has steadily expanded its product line and now offers a product line for many special or memorable events throughout the year. Whether a birth of a baby, wedding, Easter, Christmas or birthday, Karatbars will revolutionalize the market place with our speciality gold cards. Gold collector cards are also available in various limited editions. For collectors or those who want to be, this product line can be a viable option. Collector gold card editions will sometimes be priced above normal market rates which allows for additional licensing fees incurred.


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