Global Bank Account Confiscation


Here at WicklowGold™ we like to share knowledge of how the banking system hides its policy in plain sight. This way, you can verify global bank account confiscation is not conspiracy or negative trending, but instead is a way to educate yourself in how to turn upcoming crisis into opportunity.

We believe holding a small mobile hedge in mobile gram gold bullion is a good thing. Given the unstable climate of legal and criminal corruption of major institutions, we feel it is time to review modern banking and share what has been released as public notice. The 2008 crisis brought us the now familiar household financial term called Bail-out.

But what is this new fiscal beast waiting to be unleashed from the financial pandoras box?   What on earth is a Bail-in?

Before we introduce actual policy written into papers, lets examine this short video…

Ok, maybe this might seem like conspiracy or fear mongering until you realise one of the legal tricks used to gain control over your affairs, and make this type of corruption legit, is that authorities have to give you public notice. If you do not legally object within a reasonable time frame, it is deemed you agree with that policy by tacit (silent) consent under contract.

The legal system is NOT true rule of law; Instead it is the law of contract. Using the method of consent under presumed contract, the legal system assumes control of your affairs and power of attorney under signature of consent. Liability is then transferred to you as a ‘person’ unable to administer your own affairs. You are legally responsible for all liabilities through your consent to contract via the agreements you originally signed–drivers license, photo ID, passport, bank account signature card etc. Frivolous arguments, such as you are not a person, is laughable within the legal system, as courts administer performance on a contract by the presumption of joinder to the agreement.


The education system is funded by the very system that does not teach you proper financial literacy. Why is that? Most people are conditioned to think politics, banking and the legal system are boring. Why are these three fundamental control factors not taught at school? People are funnelled through Colleges and Universities to purposely adopt an employee mentality rather than an evolutionary contributor mindset. People are educated to be wage slaves and not question it. Where are the renaissance men? Why is mediocrity rewarded by status, fame and fortune? Why has materialism been allowed to infect society as a status quo worldview?

The origin definitions of a university means, a college of businesses; a college means, a collection of merchants. History adopted these concepts from the Venetian merchant and private law guilds who took over Britain under Henry the VIII onwards. We have been subject to a massive transfer of wealth from the people to elite banking families. And we are the benefactors of a very organised legal theft of our talent and life force energy. Through social conditioning, humanity has been trained to work for numbers.


Political parties engage in deficit spending. This insures the debt ceiling under current administration is passed on to another generation under the guise of accrual accounting– spending tomorrows wealth today.

We are looking at a global confiscation of deposit accounts on a titanic scale. Whatever you call it, this is legal robbery. Derivative bundling of toxic assets and an out of control “to big to fail” policy created a global toxic debt landslide. Therefore, new international and governmental policies are introduced to ease the damage to institutions and “taxpayers.”

Let us review IMF papers. These are screenshots right off the IMF sectors of banking and government for you to see what is planned:IMF
This is straight from the IMF report:


Whether you are in the US or in a commonwealth country, you are subject to these laws under the IMF haircut bail-in Policies.

This next screenshot was uncovered by reviewing UK Insolvency laws. If you believe this just works for the UK, think again. This is written into all law practice, since at least the 19th century, that bank depositors are actually Unsecured Creditors–lenders.








What does the UK government have to say? Surely they must be on the level looking out for your interests as a protector? NOT AT ALL…

…It was shortsighted guarantees that started the toxic landslide collapse on unsuspecting bank depositors.






The new bail-in regime is global. Written into papers in 2013, depositors as uninsured creditor “certain” bank liabilities…

Canada Bail-in

Canada Bail-in





Currency deposited into the bank as an uninsured loan is legally transferred to the banker to do with as he pleases, whether that be speculation on the market, gambling with high risk or sniffing cocaine off a prostitutes behind at an all expenses paid junket. It is deposit loans that sustains the open season psychopathic behaviour that ultimately funds wars, murder, drugs, guns, prostitution and even child abuse. Legal conveyance of depositors loans is the reason why bankers were not jailed for the 2008 financial crisis, they were entitled to do as they please.

Gold is the leveller, Gold is the Chaperone

Gold cannot be reproduced or printed. It is stable as a money and cannot be inflated/deflated. Gold is the thorn in the side of despotic government regimes. Gold stops deficit spending, maintains purchasing power and increases our time and energy. Fiat currency whether paper or numbers on a screen, is debt slavery. All fiat currencies fall to zero. Not one currency has ever survived in history and governments using it eventually topple into the dust of time. Gold maintains its intrinsic value and gold used 5000 years ago is still in circulation today.

As sure as the sun shines the global financial system will undergo a major collapse or system reset that will make the 2008 crisis pale in comparison.

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